Shelley sent us through a glowing review of how the Sweet Beats Labour TENS machine worked for her, and also added her birth story too! We love hearing from happy customers and hearing those birth stories warms our hearts even more 🙂

“The Labour TENS machine was absolutely AMAZING!!! I wouldn’t go near labour without one. It is such a great natural pain relief method that worked wonders for me and was all I needed to get me through 8 hours of labour.  I was late pressing the button on one contraction and I could not believe the difference in pain without it! I only wish I had known about the TENS machine the first time around. It allowed me to have the most amazing birth experience and go completely drug free!

Whilst I am here and because the Labour TENS machine was so good I thought I would give you my quick birth story too. I wish I could shout from the rooftops how amazing the TENS machine was for me during my labour. I woke up with my first contractions at about 2.30am in the morning and put the TENS machine on straight away. As the contractions progressed through the early hours of the morning I continued laying in bed and resting to conserve my energy for what I knew was ahead. As the contractions got longer and more intense I upped the intensity of the TENS and it allowed me to remain relaxed and calm and stay at home until about 8am that morning.

obstar tens machine for labour

Contractions at this point were getting closer together so we made our way into the hospital with the TENS machine still on. By about 9am that morning the contractions were coming thick and fast, but the TENS machine was working amazingly. My hubby pressed the boost button on each contraction, which not only gave him a job to do, but really took the edge off my pain and allowed me to breathe through the contractions. He was late pressing the boost button on one contraction and I could not believe the difference in pain without it. At 1020 am my waters broke and 2 pushes later my beautiful boy was in my arms. Not once during the labour did I even consider any other pain relief because the TENS machine kept the pain at a level that I found bearable.

This was my second birth, and the difference between the two was chalk and cheese –  I 100% put this down to the amazing TENS machine. With my first boy I had a really rough labour, I needed gas and an epidural and let’s just say the birth didn’t really go the way I had wanted it to. Facing labour the second time I knew that I wanted to try and go drug free so was looking at natural pain relief methods that could assist. I am so glad that I stumbled across Sweet Beats and hired the TENS machine because it was BRILLIANT and I honestly would not go anywhere near labour without it!

I had an amazing and empowering birth experience and the Labour TENS machine can take all the credit.
Thanks again Sweet Beats!”

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