We love getting reviews from our customers and Tara wrote recently:

“I am a first time mum of a beautiful 5 week old baby girl and I wanted to share a short review of my experience with the Labour TENS machine, as it had such a positive impact throughout my labour.

I like to be prepared and Sweet Beats made that very easy for me. Ordering my Labour TENS machine online was quick and no fuss, and delivery was prompt.

On the day of my induction there were 2 things I triple checked for in my bag – jelly beans and my TENS. My labour took a little bit of time to get going but as soon as I felt the first twinge I stuck it on and got pulsing. I loved the ability to change the level so easily and God bless the boost button –  it really is the perfect distraction.

obstar tens machine for labour
As it turned out a natural birth was not to be for me as a emergency cesarean was necessary, however in the early parts of labour the TENS was truly helpful. I would definitely recommend to put this in your labour tool box.

Thank you Sweet Beats.”

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