Planning for the birth of your baby

When it comes to giving birth, you can predict exactly what will happen. Even so, planning and preparation help a lot, and one of the simplest things you can do to prepare for birth is organise a TENS machine for you to use in labour.

A TENS machine can be used from the earliest stages of labour at home to keep you more comfortable longer, conserving energy and giving you your best shot at a more relaxed birth.

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How does TENS work for pain relief in labour?

TENS provides pain relief in two ways:

  • It blocks pain signals reaching your brain
  • It builds endorphins

During labour, you will hold a small, portable TENS machine which will attach to your back using electrode pads and send electrical signals through your skin to the nerves. These electrical signals feel a little bit like pins and needles, or someone drumming fingers on your skin, and are quite comfortable and painless, and build up your endorphins and help you relax.

During a contraction you will press a button to massively increase the TENS stimulation, which will compete with the pain signals travelling through your nerves and block some of them from reaching your brain. We find that by using TENS, more women get through labour in more comfort and requiring less pain relief. The TENS won’t block out pain, particularly at the end of labour, but by helping you remain comfortable for longer it will help you keep your resources until the end.

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How does hiring a TENS machine for labour work?

Sweet Beats makes hiring a TENS machine for labour as easy as possible. Choose any date you like for delivery of your TENS machine – we suggest you book delivery for when you are 37 weeks along (or straight away if you’re already past 37 weeks). If the date for the return of your TENS machine arrives and there’s still no sign of baby, that’s fine, just let us know. Included in the shipping price is the cost of return postage.

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