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We talk to women every day who are anxious about their pregnancies or who are excited about the idea of hearing their baby’s heartbeat right away. While we need to emphasise that you should always contact your care provider if you have concerns, we understand that listening to your baby’s heartbeat with a fetal doppler is an incredible experience that provides many women with reassurance. We are pleased to provide you with a reliable, hospital-grade fetal doppler for rental or purchase so that you can start hearing your baby’s heartbeat now.

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To our customers,

After 12 years, we have decided to close down Sweet Beats to concentrate on other things. We are so grateful to have been part of your journey. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you need help.

Hi Bebe Medical Grade Doppler available in 2MHz or 3MHz enables you to hear your baby's heartbeat and also has a LCD screen to display your baby's heartrate. Safe, accurate and suitable for use from 10 weeks.

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Hi Bebe Medical Grade Doppler with Colour LCD Screen & waterproof probe. The waterproof probe allows use in waterbirths or shower. Safe, accurate and suitable for use from 10 weeks.


Hi Bebe Sound Doppler enables you to hear your baby's heartbeat with clear audio. Does not have a screen to display the heartrate- sound only. Safe, accurate and suitable for use from 10 weeks.


SonoTech Pro Fetal Doppler is lightweight, compact and easy to use - perfect for at home use for your peace of mind.


Sonotech Multi fetal doppler and thermometer - a lightweight, budget friendly doppler perfect for mums to use for peace of mind at home.

What they say about our dopplers

"I am sooooo happy with the Sweet Beats Doppler. I have ALWAYS been able to find my babies heart beat, and to hear your little one truly is the best feeling in the whole world. So lovely to have the reassurance when in doubt, or to just want to bond a little with your baby. The customer service has been amazing and the turnaround with postage is fantastic. I cant recommend them highly enough.."

We deliver your doppler to you Australia-wide by overnight delivery

All fetal dopplers stocked by Sweet Beats are medical grade devices suitable for home or professional use.
Sweet Beats is pleased to offer you our fetal dopplers at prices far below those asked by medical suppliers. Our range starts at $179, and this is really the least you could expect to pay for a medical grade doppler employing ultrasound technology. We deliver using an overnight courier, so as long as you order before 2pm AEST (or AEDT in the summer months) on a business day, you’ll receive your doppler on the next business day.

Using a doppler

For some women, using the doppler is as easy as turning it on and pointing the probe at their belly, for others, it’s a frustrating process. All our dopplers are capable of detecting the fetal heartbeat from 10 weeks, but it’s up to you to actually find the heartbeat by pointing the probe in the right direction. Once you get the hang of it, you should be right -we’re always here to help, and reading through our tips should help.


Fetal dopplers have been in use for several decades, and no adverse effects have ever been discovered. The Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine confirms that Doppler use is safe. Even so, it’s recommended that you don’t use your doppler for a prolonged amount of time. Some women make a certain time to use their Doppler with their partner, like a Friday evening, whilst others just use the Doppler as needed for peace of mind. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.