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Please be aware that the cutoff for dispatch of orders each day is 2pm AEDST. Orders are dispatched on business days only by express (1 business day) delivery.


  • $50 hire fee.
  • $20 for delivery to you (express if needed) and return shipping charges
  • Your out of pocket costs are $70


  • 5 week hire of our wonderful ObStar obstetric TENS machine with integrated boost button and obstetric mode for maximum pain relief during contractions as well as modes for general pain relief (please see technical specifications below)
  • Set 4 reusable obstetric electrodes
  • Leadwires
  • Fresh batteries
  • Quickstart leaflet

By ordering now, you indicate that you agree to our terms. Please be aware that there are no refunds on your tens hire if you do not use the machine. We can refund your hire fee if the tens machine has not been dispatched. After dispatch, there are no refunds.

Technical specifications

  • Obstetric TENS with general use options
  • Boost on/off display in obstetric mode
  • Integral boost button
  • Unique pre-set back pain programme
  • 6 operating modes: Obstetric, Back Pain, Constant, Burst 1, Burst 2, and Modulation
  • Stylish ‘flip style’ design
  • Dual intensity independent channels
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Large push button controls – ideal for those with poor dexterity
  • Large LCD display
  • Memory function – automatic last used programme on start
  • High power – maximum amplitude 130mA
  • Low battery indicator
  • 2 year warranty
  • Timer to 90 mins


  1. Kimberley Pepperell (verified owner)

    Loved the TENS Machine. It arrived exactly when Sweetbeats said it would and came with easy to use instructions. The TENS machine helped me to give birth completely naturally and drug free. I would definately hire again for bub number 2…one day!

  2. Faye Levine (verified owner)

    I really feel the TENS machine allowed me to have a calm, natural, drug free birth. I laboured at home for the majority of my birth, focusing on my breath and the ‘boost’ of the TENS. Once I got to the hospital I removed the TENS to get into the water tub and my daughter was born within the hour. About to order the TENS again for baby number 2 who is due to arrive very soon 🙂

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      So great to hear the TENS helped… it does I feel help you stay in a more ‘on top of things’ frame of mind for longer. Best wishes for 2#!

  3. Caroline (verified owner)

    Loved the TENS machine! Ordering it was easy and using it was simple. It got me through 10 hours of contractions at home and only when I got in the bath at the hospital did I take it off!
    My labour was calm and free from drugs.
    The ordering and returns process for the TENS was nice and simple which gave me one less thing to think about.
    Thank you Sweet Beats.

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      Fantastic Caroline! Makes us so happy to hear this. Congrats on your beautiful bubba xxx

  4. Yoyo (verified owner)

    Im so happy that i chose sweetbeats tens hire,I would not enjoy my labour(or survive)without it!I would definitely recommend it to all my family and firends,easy to order on line and return with excellent customer service!thumb up!

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      Thank you Yoyo!! Sounds like things went well? Hope you’re enjoying bub!

  5. Eleanor

    The TENS machine was a saviour, not only did it help distract from the pain – it gave my husband something to do and not feel completely useless in the labour room! The process to receive, use and send back the Sweetbeats TENS machine was really simple. Would definitely recommend!

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      Lol Eleanor glad to hear you had such a positive experience, how lovely it is to get this feedback!! Thank you!

  6. Erica (verified owner)

    The TENS made the birth of my second baby a much more calm experience than my first! Really helped ease the contractions, used it right up until I got in the birthung pool. Ended up having a drug free birth experience thanks to the TENS. I would recommend it to anyone.
    Also the service was great, fast shipment and easy to return with a new baby to cuddle.

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      This is fantastic to read Erica, I also think the TENS really helps you stay ‘on top’ of things for longer… enjoy that beautiful bubba! Well done & congrats!

  7. Joanne (verified owner)

    The machine arrived the next day. The process was easy to understand and efficient. The machine was easy to use, and really helped during labour when I was at home. Highly recommended! Thank you Sweet Beats! xx

  8. Carla (verified owner)

    I loved the TENS machine. It arrived right on time. I ended up with a complicated birth and being induced but I used it in early labour in hospital and it really helped.

  9. Jade (verified owner)

    It helped out a lot before while in hospital and during the birth and also after. Unfortunately i had a very complicated birth and couldn’t experience it to the fullest, but from what i remember it helped out a lot while breathing and it took the edge of the pain a lot.

  10. L Arnott (verified owner)

    Hired my TENS through SweetBeats for baby 2 and was so glad I did. First labour I was induced and it helped massively deal with the fast intense contractions – second birth was spontaneous and very fast. Again the Tens was great to help manage the early stages at home and then helped me deal with the latter stages once I knew no other pain relief was possible. Would highly recommend for any expectant mum who wants to have something up her sleeve to distract and manage the pain naturally.

  11. Malene (verified owner)

    Loved the TENS machine. This was my third natural delivery and I have used a tens with all three. They truly work and I recommend them to every pregnant girlfriend I’ve got 🙂
    Your service was amazing. The machine arrived on time and worked perfectly. Instructions were great to.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      Fantastic Malene and congrats on #3! Really appreciate you writing in, I am sure you’re very busy now! We’re very pleased to hear that the TENS was helpful again.. best wishes, Sweet Beats x

  12. Emma (verified owner)

    After being recommended a TEN’s machine by my mum for the birth of my first baby I found Sweet Beats to be the best value for money as I was unsure if I would use it during my labour.

    I now highly recommend a TEN’s machine to all mums to be. It made my labour manageable both as a distraction and taking the edge off the pain. I actually removed it to get into the shower and after just 10-15 mins I was begging for it to be put back on.

    Machine arrived on time, communication from Sweet Beats was fantastic. Instructions were clear on how to use. Returning the item is incredibly easy. Will definitely be using it should I have anymore babies.

  13. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I hired a TENS machine from Sweet Beats for the delivery of my 2nd daughter in August. I had used one for the labour of my first daughter 5 years ago and found it absolutely essential in managing labour pain. Both labours were natural and relatively uncomplicated. This second time around the labour only lasted 4 hours and I used the TENS from the moment I knew I was in labour until about 15 minutes before the baby was born. It gave me just the relief I needed to get through such a quick and intense labour without medication.

    Sweet Beats were great for hiring my TENS – it easy to order, delivery was quick, instructions were simple and returning the device was easy. I highly recommend them! Thanks Sweet Beats!

  14. Julie (verified owner)

    Thanks for an amazing service. Was very thankful to be able to utilise the tens machine in labour. Found it amazing at reducing pain. I was contemplating a water birth but in the end no way was I going to risk loosing the use of my little machine and had a wonderful calm birth on dry land.

  15. Julie (verified owner)

    I used the sweet beats tens machine as the only pain management in the birth of my first child. I was able to have a natural birth which was amazing. I started using it once my contractions were regular and half way through labour I accidentally disconnected it when going to the toilet and oh boy, then realized what a great job it was doing!! I would definitely recommend using a tens machine and will do so again if we have another child. Sweet beats made it easy to order and return, ideal for me. We now are enjoying our beautiful daughter.

  16. Leigh Penney (verified owner)

    Loved this machine, especially helpful during early labour pains. Helped me get through labour with just gas and air.
    Sweetbeats were great to deal with and I couldn’t recommend them enough. They extended my return (free of charge) for an extra week as I was overdue. Delivery of the machine and return was a piece of cake. Worth every dollar!

    • Sweet Beats (verified owner)

      So fantastic to hear from you Leigh… we’re thrilled to hear all went well and hope you’re enjoying your baby x

  17. Rhiannon McLeod (verified owner)

    I loved using the TENS machine. I definitely think it helped me achieve my desire for a drug free labour. I started using it whilst labouring at home. At the hospital I took it off to jump in the shower but I missed the TENS machine so got out again. When contractions really ramped up hubby was in charge of the boost button – I think it helped him to feel useful too and part of the labour process.

    The ordering and return process was so easy and I will deftly order it again should a we have second baby.

    • Alli Parker-McPhee (verified owner)

      Hi Rhiannon, we are so happy to hear you had such a great experience with using the Tens. It definitely helps gives hubbies something to do with using the BOOST button. Poor blokes must feel terribly useless and helpless watching us go through so much! Thanks for taking the time to send through a review. Would you mind if we posted your story on our blog? Alli

  18. Lisa Vincent (verified owner)

    I hired the TENS machine for the birth of my first baby after hearing positive reviews from friends and my midwife.

    I completely forgot to organise one until i was already 40 weeks- so quick delivery was a must so that i could make use of it!

    It only took a couple of days, and I’m so glad it arrived, and was pleased at how easy it was to use. This was the only form of pain management i ended up needing so it was amazing!

    Easy to return with straightforward instructions- i will definitely be using again when we are ready to have another baby!

  19. Remy (verified owner)

    The TENS machine was a lifesaver for me – unfortunately I wasn’t able to have my dream water birth or even go in the shower for pain relief, so instead I yelled “BOOST” when each contraction started and my husband pushed the button. After being induced on Syntocin for 7 hours it kept me sane!!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Remy,

      I’m glad to hear the tens worked out for you and bubs in the end 🙂 Its great that the boost button pressing can be handed over to hubbies! It gives them something to do to feel helpful in a time where really they cant do much. Hope all is well with your new addition 🙂 – Alli – Sweet Beats

  20. tracy (verified owner)

    The Tens machine was fantastic, I found sweetbeats very easy to deal with, the ordering process was simple and it arrived when they said it would. I was able to stay at home with my tens machine for much longer than i would have expected and the boost button was such a help during those more intense moments of pain!!! My other half was so glad that there was something he could do to help – I just handed the controls over to him and he was able to adjust the intensity as I needed it.
    Would highly recommend it and will definitely be using it for any future additions to the family!!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Tracy,

      Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Thanks for your kind words about our service. I’m so happy to hear you found the TENS really helpful! It is a great tool for pain management, and has the added benefit of giving hubbies something to do! We hope all is well with you and your family 🙂 – Alli – Sweet Beats

  21. Victoria Shahin (verified owner)

    With a drug free labour, the TENS machine worked perfectly. I was in unestablished labour for 3 days then established labour for 20 hours. I used the TENS machine throughout the process and it still worked when the contractions increased. Will use it again for my next pregnancy.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Victoria, so pleased to hear your labour went well, and you used the Tens to good effect. Congrats on the birth of your baby 🙂

      Alli – Sweet Beats Team

  22. Eli (verified owner)

    The TENS machine was fabulous – I used it at home from about 3cms dilated all the way through til 8cms dilated at the hospital and the pushing stage arrived.The midwives didn’t think I was that far along when we arrived at the hospital, as my husband and I were laughing and joking through the contractions thanks to the TENS machine 🙂 Will definitely use for next birth, as it meant I was calm and relaxed right up until the pushing stage and had energy to spare still!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Eli,

      We are thrilled to hear you had such a positive experience with using the TENS in labour. We have so many Mums swear by them. Did you have a baby girl or boy? What an exciting time for your family. Kind regards, Alli – Sweet Beats Team

  23. catherine (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend the tens machine highly enough! It was so simple to order, use and return. I used the machine through my entire 9 hour labour and managed without major pain relief because of it.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Catherine, that is so great to hear! We really hope you and your new baby are going well! Alli – Sweet Beats

  24. Laura (verified owner)

    We had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend the TENS machine. As a result of the TENS machine, we were able to spend most of labour at home and only took the TENS off once the bath was ready to get in at birth centre. Our daughter was born in the water and it was lovely. Would use TENS again next time for sure.
    Only one suggestion- as I used the TENS for 2 nights of pre labour, enabling me to sleep through, would have been good to have a couple spare pads as the adhesive repeatedly peeled back at the end of labour when I really wanted it to keep working as well as it had.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Laura, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! Thanks for letting us know how helpful the TENS was. We will take on board your feedback about providing another set of electrode pads – I think you are right, that would be helpful for our labouring Mums. Alli – Sweet Beats

  25. Caroline (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the TENS machine hire from Sweetbeats as found the ordering process and delivery efficient and easy to use. I used the tens machine along with gas and air for my induction birth of our baby girl and managed without any other intervention. I have used a TENS machine before with my two other daughters a long time ago! I would highly recommend using one as great focus for controlling the pain without any long lasting side effects. Thanks Sweetbeats and for making the return process simple too!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Caroline – what a great experience you had, thanks for sharing it with us. So pleased to hear that all 3 of your girls made their entrance to the world with the help of a Tens. We hope you and your latest addition are doing well. – Alli, Sweet Beats

  26. Alli (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend Sweetbeats for tens hire. The whole ordering and returns process was so streamlined and easy – exactly what you want when you have baby brain and a newborn! The unit was simple to use and is fantastic for early labour. I found it really helpful to get through the early stages of labour until I was well established and ready to go into the birthing centre where I swapped to water therapy for my pain relief. This was my first birth and I would definitely use a tens again for the next one. Thanks Sweetbeats!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Alli – thanks for taking the time to leave us a comment. Super pleased to hear your delivery went well and the Tens was helpful. Baby Brain gets to all of us, so glad to hear the ordering and returns process was easy for you – thats the idea! Hope you and your new baby are well! Alli – Sweet Beats

  27. Anna

    I used Sweetbeats many years ago when I was pregnant with my first and hired a Doppler. I had such a great experience that I chose to hire a Tens machine from them this time. The delivery was so incredibly fast and communication has been efficient and friendly.
    The machine itself was so easy to use and the instructions straightforward. I used it when I was in active labour and it helped manage the pain. I attribute me being able to have a complete natural and med free labour to the tens machine. I will be definitely using it again.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Anna, we are so pleased to hear you loved the tens and it helped so much for your labour! Fabulous!

  28. Hannah S. (verified owner)

    The Sweetbeats TENS machine was very helpful and effective in early labour. It helped me to divert the labour pain, focus on the electric sensation and make the contractions more bearable. The entire process of hiring and returning the machine was so smooth and uncomplicated. I completely recommend this service and the machine itself.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Thanks for letting us know how much you loved the Tens machine Hannah. Its great to hear you found the machine and the process for hire and return smooth. Warm regards,

  29. Caterina (verified owner)

    Sweetbeats were fantastic to hire from, ordering and returning is a breeze even when you’re completely exhausted and not thinking properly. I have used a tens machine from sweetbeats for all three of my babies and have had calm and natural deliveries.

    With my last pregnancy i got my dates mixed up for the tens machine delivery, once I realised I contacted Sweetbeats and they sent it out asap, that is wonderful customer service. I would definitely recommend sweetbeats and would absolutely use them again.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Caterina – we are so pleased you had a great experience with the tens and our customer service. We hope all is well with you and your family. Warm regards, Alli!

  30. Deanne (verified owner)

    Highly recommend Sweet Beats TENS machine – helped me get through a drug free labour and delivery – wish I had used first time around!

    Easy to order, shipping was very quick, clear instructions included and returns process was straightforward and convenient (important when you are in the newborn fog!).

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Deanne, thanks for your message! Its fabulous to hear that you had a great experience using the Tens, they sure are popular! We hope you and your family are well. Warm regards, Alli

  31. Lesley (verified owner)

    The TENS machine provided me with a way to deal with the pain. I was in early labour for 36 hours and I really don’t think I could have coped without it. The boost function was great. I didn’t even go to the maximum level. I didn’t use it when the contractions were at the absolute strongest, but I’d say I used for 90% of the time. I highly recommend this and will definitely use it again next time. It was a life saver!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Lesley,

      Congratulations on the birth of your baby! We are so pleased to hear you found the TENS machine such a great help. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a lovely comment. Best wishes – Alli, Sweet Beats

  32. Patricia Murphy (verified owner)

    I am a first time mum! I was so anxious about the thoughts of labour and not being able to deal with the pain. So I made sure I looked into all painrelief options. Hiring from sweet beats was so simple the TENS machine came within two days. I ordered it a month before I was due …. just in case. My baby was 5 days overdue and extending the hiring time was simple as was the return process!

    I started getting contractions at 5 pm Sunday night which was eased with distraction and hot water bottles. They started to increase in intensity by 10 pm and that’s when I whacked on the TENS. My contractions were every 10-15 mins. They would wake me up but the TENs helped me get some rest during the night.

    By 9am the next morning the contractions started to increase again which I managed by increasing the stimulation of the TENS in the settings. I had an appointment with the midwife at 12 mid day. I rang up the birth suite to ask their advice and they instructed me to wait it out at home until my appointment. Which I was happy to do as I was coping ok with the TENs.

    I made it to my appointment the contractions were 5 mins apart. When they checked I was 6cm dilated!!!!! I was so happy I couldn’t believe it. The midwife was impressed which made me more stoked!! And gave me the confidence to know that I can do this !!

    I went up to the birth suite at 1 pm (TENS still on) my labour slowed down as when they checked me at 5pm I was 7 cm dilated. So they broke my waters and things got full on that’s when I added gas & air along with the TENS and our baby boy was born 2 hours later! No drugs no epidural I was amazed! My TENS stayed on the whole time.

    I believe having the TENS made my labour more tolerable and not at all traumatic. I will definitely be hiring again if I have another child (one is enough at the moment) . I 100% recommend TENS from sweet beats and I have made sure my friends who are expecting are aware of this product. To me this was a life saver.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Patsy,

      Oh wow – what a story – thanks for sharing it with us. We are absolutely thrilled that you got through your labour with the TENS and no drugs. There are lots of Mums out there who will get such inspiration from your words. We hope you and your little boy are both doing super well now and are at home having lovely cuddles.

      Best, Alli, Sweet Beats

  33. Natalie (verified owner)

    I am so glad I hired this!
    I put it on when the contractions started getting painful. I wasn’t sure how much it was helping, until one of the wires accidentally became unplugged and boy did I know about it when the next contraction came!
    It was the only pain relief I used so was able to achieve a natural birth!
    Great product, so easy to use.

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Natalie,

      We are really happy to hear you loved the TENS and managed to have a natural birth using it for pain relief. Thanks so much for leaving a comment here, its great for other Mums to be to have a read of what was helpful for others. We hope you and your family are well/

      Alli – Sweet Beats Team

  34. Caitlin (verified owner)

    The TENS machine was incredible. It enabled me to get through a very long labour without needing other pain relief. I found the mental reassurance of pressing the boost button with each contraction gave me something to focus on which enabled me to cope. I was unsure about whether to use a TENS machine or not but I’d now tell anyone to not birth without it. I’m so grateful that the TENS machine turned up in 24hrs- I ordered it at 37 weeks + 5 days, it turned up the next day and my waters broke that night! My advice to others would be to order it sooner rather than later!

    • Alli – Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Caitlin,

      We are so happy to hear that the TENS was a massive help to you. That boost button is absolute gold for the contractions. We do recommend that you order your TENS to arrive around the 37 week mark, as babies can’t read calendars, and do make their appearance early sometimes 🙂 It also gives Mums a chance to test out the machine before you get distracted with contractions. Glad it all worked out so well for you.

      Warm regards,
      Sweet Beats

  35. Melissa (verified owner)

    I had been recommended a TENS, however had quite low expectations of the pain relief it could offer. I only had 3hrs of active labour and it was absolutely brilliant. It was particularly helpful during the car trip to the hospital when the contractions were intense and I wasn’t able to move around.

    The process of ordering, delivery and return through Sweet Beats was all really simple and efficient.


    • Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hey Melissa,

      We are really pleased to hear that the TENS was really helpful for you! Fantastic news. We hope you and your newest family member are well.

      Warm regards,

  36. Libby (verified owner)

    The TENS helped me get through a drug-free labour, no doubt about it. The boost button was a saviour, especially in the car on the way to the hospital when my contractions were already intense.
    It arrived super promptly and was also so easy to return.
    Thank you so much!

    • Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Libby! Fabulous that you found the TENS so helpful. Lots of Mums find that boost button is a life-saver during contractions. We hope you and your famiy are doing well.

      Warm regards
      Sweet Beats

  37. Deb (verified owner)

    I was excited to receive my TENS machine after I heard excellent reviews. It worked well during my labour which then unfortunately turned into an emergency C section.
    Although, when receiving my TENS machine, my mistake, I assumed everything would be in working order but I realised (during the start of my labour) that the batteries were flat. I didn’t think to check the machine before going into labour (didn’t think I’d have to to be honest). Lucky the hospital had some batteries for us to use! Always check that your machine works before going into labour, don’t do what I did. Was a little stressful when the time came to use it and it didn’t work-not ideal when going into labour for the first time and you’re already nervous, just unnecessary stress.

    • Sweet Beats Team (verified owner)

      Hi Deb – congrats on the birth of your baby! I’m so sorry to hear that the batteries were flat when you went use the machine. We always send brand new batteries with every machine, and they are in a pocket separate to the machine for shipping, so that they cant go flat if the machine is inadvertantly pressed on in transit. I can totally understand how stressful that would have been for you and I do really apologise. I am at a loss to explain how that happened. Thanks for letting us know – we will make sure that everything is triply checked in future.

      Hope you are now enjoying lots of lovely cuddles with your little one.

      Sweetbeats team

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