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    Hire one of our medical grade dopplers so you can have the reassurance of hearing your baby's heartbeat from home when you need to.

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Rebecca Summers
Rebecca Summers

I hired the tens machine for my first labour and I can't imagine having gone through it without that clever little machine! I used it at home as soon as contractions started and it didn't come off my back during the first 4 hours of labour until I was in transition (begging for drugs) and my midwife suggested I try hopping in the bath, so I took the machine off and jumped in but it didn't compare at all with the tens machine. After about 40 minutes of them most intense contractions I got out of the water and ...

Thank you! Smooth & easy ordering & return process. Invaluable during my labour.

Great! Thank you & good delivery time too.

Thank you for providing such a great service. This breast pump worked so well.
Made such a difference! We loved it. Although we had to re-apply the pads many times, it still made the labour manageable.
Louka Marmot
Louka Marmot
I couldn't recommend a TENS machine more highly! I used it throughout my labour and it diverted attention from contractions to the point I was able to avoid an epidural! Will 100% use it again next time round. Thank you TENS!!
Alice Kinnard
Alice Kinnard
Love it! Have used it with both pregnancies and wouldn't consider not having it! Thanks a lot!
TENS was amazing. Used it for 10 hours before they realised I was prosteria. Couldn't have done that without it!
Gemma Bovington
Gemma Bovington
Absolutely fantastic! Took me all the way through without ANY other pain relief! Loved it!!!
Thank you for your wonderful prompt service - a very satisfied customer. :)