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    Fetal Doppler Hire

    Hire one of our medical grade dopplers so you can have the reassurance of hearing your baby's heartbeat from home when you need to.

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Amazing! Got me through until I was 10 cm so no epidural needed, thanks!
Fantastic! Made the most amazing difference, easy to use and everything worked perfectly!
Would recommend. This got me through a very long back labour (first labour) without any other pain relief at all. We will use again next one!
This was fantastic! It really helped me through my contractions in early labour. I will highly recommend to friends having baby.
Great service! Helped a lot during the contractions! -Alex Kleringer
Thank you so much for the hire! This is a great little machine, so user-friendly and the whole process is simple! :)
Very helpful! Would highly recommend!
Doppler worked perfectly! Loved being able to hear our little boys heart beat every couple of weeks and was really special being able to show family and friends. Thank you!
Rebecca Summers
Rebecca Summers

I hired the tens machine for my first labour and I can't imagine having gone through it without that clever little machine! I used it at home as soon as contractions started and it didn't come off my back during the first 4 hours of labour until I was in transition (begging for drugs) and my midwife suggested I try hopping in the bath, so I took the machine off and jumped in but it didn't compare at all with the tens machine. After about 40 minutes of them most intense contractions I got out of the water and ...