hire a fetal doppler

Having a doppler on hand at home is a great way to have a quick check on bub or share that amazing heartbeat sound with loved ones. Hire monthly or purchase outright. Express delivery.

How to get sleep during pregnancy. Fetal doppler Australia. Rest easily with a doppler hire.

Reassurance in those anxious moments

I hired the doppler so I could give bub a quick check in those moments I was feeling anxious. My partner also loved listening. Quick delivery.

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tens pain relief for labour

Using a labour TENS machine is a great way to help yourself through labour more comfortably. Hire for $60 for 6 week period.

Couldn’t have done it without the TENS

My second baby and second time using the TENS machine. I started using the TENS early and found it really helped managing contractions. Recommended for all mums.

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Do you need a breast pump

Sometimes you need a breast pump for a helping hand in your breastfeeding journey. Hire or buy one of the Spectra hospital grade breast pumps through Sweet Beats.

Pumping for a baby with tongue tie

I was amazed how easily my milk was immediately flowed with the level 4 massage function. I liked how you can tweak the suction power levels and the cycle speeds to find the best combination that suits you. Within a minute or two of starting to pump, I could see my milk starting to fill up the bottom of the bottle.

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ready to return your hire?

Click through to easily arrange returning your hire from Sweet Beats. We will send you a prepaid return shipping label, and put a hold on your billing once you lodge your return with Aus Post.