The journey to being a mother is not as simple as it seems. The first nine months of this will be filled adjustments and swings to your regular life. Of course, I am talking about pregnancy here.

Sleep is one of the necessary aspects for pregnancy. As much as possible, you should set a comprehensive sleep schedule properly. Also, the appropriate sleeping postures can benefit you.

Here are the 4 best sleeping positions for pregnant women.

1. Left Side

Side sleeping is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions. Even if you are not pregnant, you’ll find this angle comfortable and relaxing.

Sleeping on this posture is quite beneficial for pregnant women too. However, this time, there’s a minor tweak that you have to do.

In the “regular days,” you can sleep on either side. If you have already a baby bump, it is suggested that you sleep on your left side. Of course, there’s a scientific explanation for this.

When you sleep in this position, the blood and nutrients will be appropriately delivered to the placenta. Well, you can always sleep on your right side, but don’t prolong it.

2. Side Position With Pillow Support On The Tummy

Since it’s not recommended to sleep on your back and stomach, the best option that you have to is to maximise the benefits of side sleeping. In this particular modification, you prop a supportive pillow under your belly. A pillow should be placed between the knees, too.

The pillow under your body will act as a “lock” so that you won’t move out from sleeping on your side. It is a crucial support system since it prevents you from being rolled. If that happens, your baby will be put at risk.

A good mattress is also necessary at this point. You need to get an option that can give full support and comfort to your body. In this article from ASleepyWolf, several mattresses for pregnant women have been introduced.

3. Side Position With a Propped Upper Body

Difficulties in breathing are typical in pregnancy due to significant changes in your body. It is one of the reasons why strenuous activity is not recommended during pregnancy.

However, short breathing can also happen while you are lying down. The extra weight on the belly causes the stress. This problem can easily be solved. The only thing that you have to do is to prop your upper body so that it gets elevated. Of course, you can only do this with the use of a supportive pillow.

Propping your head and upper abdomen will help relieve the pressure on the diaphragm. It may sound surprising, but this trick does work. Furthermore, it also prevents reflux and heartburn, which is common during pregnancy.

4. Side Position With A Propped Bed

This sleeping hack is quite comprehensive and drastic for some. However, it can help some women alleviate their stress, especially on the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.

The slant position of your body will help in the regulation of the acids in your stomach. Once you are sleeping in an inclined position, these acids won’t be able to proceed to the oesophagus. It also relieves the weight that your upper body feels.

If you are already considering this adjustment, you might want to get a customised mattress where you can adjust the height of its base. Don’t worry. It is an investment that you can use beyond pregnancy!

Wrapping it Up

During pregnancy, sleep is indeed precious. It helps rejuvenate the strength and energy lost due to supporting another life. It’s recommended to sleep for around eight to nine hours to function at an optimum level.

Being sleep deprived during pregnancy is not a good thing. Luckily you can easily avoid this by following the sleeping tips that I mentioned above.

Before I end, let me remind you that you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach or back while you are pregnant. Aside from being uncomfortable, these sleeping positions can cause severe problems for your health.

Guest post by Layla Parker

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