We appreciate it so much when customers take the time to give feedback. Hearing about the positive difference our service has made for a Mum-to-be experiencing a difficult pregnancy or a couple excited to share the sound of their baby’s heartbeat brings a smile to faces each time.

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Very good! Kept me reassured.

Ashleigh, Dec 12

Was extremely happy with the doppler – worked perfectly! Will be back in touch to order the TENS machine. Thanks!

>”” Suzie, May 12

Fantastic to have the reassurance following a devestating miscarriage last year. Thank you.

“” A, April 12

Fantastic! Easy to use. Great for peace of mind. Thank you!

“” Kylie, Jan 12

Thank you so much, it was wonderful to hear my twins’ heartbeats between Doctor visits
“” Debbie, Jan 12

Amazing!!! Love it! What a great little device. It put my mind at rest every day
“” Victoria, Dec 11

…as an older pregnant women it is always comforting and reassuring to hear the baby’s heartbeat anyday anytime anywhere.I used one 10 years ago during my first pregnancy,Sweetbeats is so much more compact and easier to use and what a good price! A+ service and product would fully reccommend it.
“” Kellie, Oct 11

Hello, just wanted to let you know I am loving the doppler .. my husband works FIFO and being able to record and send him the heartbeat has been so good for us, made him feel part of things coz he misses so much … Thank you Sweet Beats
“” Anna, Oct 11

I am sooooo happy with the Sweet Beats Doppler. I have ALWAYS been able to find my babies heart beat, and to hear your little one truly is the best feeling in the whole world. So lovely to have the reassurance when in doubt, or to just want to bond a little with your baby. The customer service has been amazing and the turnaround with postage is fantastic. I cant recommend them highly enough.
“” Mandy, Sept 11

Fantastic doppler. I was able to pick up a heartbeat at 10.5 weeks. Very easy to use. I received my doppler the day after placing my order – couldn’t be happier! VERY happy customer 🙂
“” Katherine, Sept 11

I hired a doppler from Sweet Beats on the Friday, I received it on the Monday, very quick! Its great, I love being able to hear by babys heartbeat whenever I want (or whenever bub wants to cooperate) it calms my nerves, as I hate having to wait in between ultrasounds to see if its okay. (As i am only 9 weeks, almost 10) So glad Sweet Beats have helped me, in not only calming my own nerves and giving me piece of mind, but also being able to share the sound with my family as well, and not just the one person that can come along to the ultrasound 🙂
“” Hollie, Aug 11

Great Doppler, great price, great service, fast postage. I have had a difficult pregnancy, with many bleeding episodes requiring multiple hospital stays (placenta previa). Having the Doppler at home has been incredibly reassuring. Highly recommended
“” Anna, Aug 11

I bought my fetal doppler and it turned up the next day i was so happy.Even though the info that came with it said i most likely not hear a heart beat till about ten week i was only eight weeks and i found my babys heart beat with ease i was so excited its easy to use comes in its own carry case and puts a smile on my face when the days get long i reminds me that its all for a great cause . So thankyou Sweet Beats for a great product with easy transactions
“” Carla, July 11

Very happy with the product and service. Smooth Transaction and arrived on time the next day, also the messaging service was fantastic as I was able to ask the company questions live on the site. Very happy have recommended to others. Thanks
“” Emma, July 1

6 thoughts on “Fetal Doppler Reviews

  1. kathy says:

    hi im 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant what to know can it pick up the heartbeat now or do I need to wait a little longer thanks

    • Sweet Beats says:

      Hi Kathy – it has been known to happen, but you’re best off waiting from 10-12 weeks. You can still need to spend some time learning how to use the doppler and fiddling around the first time, so you don’t want to hire a doppler too early and then get anxious if it takes a while to find the heartbeat. Hope that helps!

  2. Zara says:

    Hi, I cant seem to get a response from you at your email address you supplied or any other way. i have emailed several times but no one responds. could someone please email me back in regards to buying the Doppler i hired. thanks.

  3. Monica says:

    I ordered a Doppler to hire at 11am on Thursday and it arrived at 10.30am on Friday!! Could not believe it!! It was amazing. And it works wonderfully. Thank you!!!

    • Alli - Sweet Beats Team says:

      Heya Monica!

      Thanks for leaving us a comment, I’m so pleased to hear your doppler arrived nice and fast, and you are loving having it 🙂 They do bring such peace of mind. Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy. Please keep in touch if you need any help or have questions at all. – Alli Sweet Beats Team

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