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Here’s a sample of  the feedback sent in by our customers. We really appreciate people taking the time to write in about their experiences using TENS in birth. Receiving feedback from TENS hire customers is one of the best parts of our job – we put all feedback up and really value it. The experiences from women are obviously personal, varied and subjective, but if we had to do a one sentence summary, we’d say that all women find TENS helpful for the early stages of labour, but once you get to the business end, experiences diverge. Some women power through on TENS alone, some women don’t want to use it anymore, and some women want additional analgesia.

We hope in all cases that the service component provided by Sweet Beats is always efficient, reliable and easy, and our feedback seems to say it is. We hope that reading these testimonials is helpful for you as you make your plans for your birth.


Helped a lot with contraction pains. Thank you.
– Thao, Jan 13

Very impressed with speed of delivery – product effective during very early labour. Happy overall. Thanks 🙂
– Laura Lewis, Jan 13

Absolutely loved it, would recommend to anyone to try it. Really helped in early to mid labour.
– Ebony, Jan 13

The TENS machine was brilliant. This was my second birth. I used the machine all the way til my daughter was born. I was able to go drugfree & just use the TENS.
– Kellee, Jan 13

Great service. Very easy to use & we have recommended you to our pregnant friends. Leah, Jan 13

Absolutely fantastic! I would recommend this method of pain relief. It got me through 8 hours of labour.
– Alison, Dec 12

Excellent! Got me through the first stages of labour. Great service from Sweet Beats.
-Sarah, Dec 12

Delivery receiving the TENS machine was super fast. The TENS was great leading up to labour and during labour. Thanks.
– Isabella, Nov 12

It was a great distraction – even just using it. I made it to 6cm at home with the TENS. Good to have extra time after the due date – for late arrivals & getting sorted after the birth. I found the instructions on attachment on the sheet confusing, the booklet was clearer though.
Andrea, Nov 12

Was great to have the TENS. It was my only pain relief method through stage 1 labour. And great to have it early, as my little girl arrived 10 days early. Thank you.

“” Jacqueline, April 12

Baby Maeve arrived a week early – thankfully I was organised and had the TENS! The TENS machine was invaluable – got me through the whole labour! Thank you 🙂
“” Riain, Jan 12

Thank you for the quick delivery. It came just in time. Our little baby girl was born 24-1-12 and I placed the order on 23-1-12
“” Angela, Jan 12

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your overnight delivery. The “TENS” was the best thing we could have done to help us through our labour. We did 14 hours at home prior to going to hospital. We had a beautiful baby boy. Thank you.
“” Annelie, Jan 12

Great service, thank Thanks for the prompt service and delivery! Machine worked well and instructions were easy to follow. Many thanks :)
“” Belinda, Jan 12

Fantastic for use in early to mid labour. Found the boost button too strong even in end stages of labour. Thanks again for providing such a great product.
“” Leah, Jan 12

Thank you so much Sweet Beats! The TENS allowed me to labour at home until transition stage and once at the hospital I delivered my daughter drugfree – my dream birth!
“” Hayley, Jan 12

Excellent, fast postage. Very simple & easy to use, was useful in my early stages of labour.

“” Fran, Dec 11

Thank you very much for a quick & efficient service. The machine saw me through 15 hours of early labour! Gave birth 6 hours later.

Kate, Dec 11

Dear Sweet Beats

Thank you for delivering the amazing TENS machine so quickly; I ordered on Wednesday, it arrived on Thursday and… I went into labour 2.5 weeks early on Friday!

I absolutely loved, relied, tuned into this little machine – at one stage during my labour my husband suggested we give our child the middle name TENS, as I would have eaten anyone who dared take it from me!

Thanks again

Felicitiy, Dec 11

I highly recommend the service from sweet beats. The TENS machine was delivered promptly and was both compact and easy to use. It was very effective for getting me through the early part of labour and I believe instrumental in my ability to have a natural birth.

Sweet Beats had an easy return postage system to send back the TENS machine and quickly refunded my deposit after they received it.

I can not fault this service.

Many thanks

“” Rebecca, Dec 11

Great service. Very helpful. The TENS was perfect for early labour and prelabour. Thank you.


“” Maree, Nov 11

Thank you for your super efficient service and ease of use. This was good in the lead up to going into labour. I needed something a little stronger during labour, it was pretty tough but we are thinking about buying one for other injured/fatigued muscles.


“” Rebecca, Nov 11

Just had to write a quick note thanking your for your great service. I *loved* my Extras TENS package. I had just started mat leave when the package arrived so I had plenty of time to read through Birth Skills (loaned from sweet beats) and i got a lot out of it. The TENS was just wonderful and I used the TENS and heat belt together though I didnt bother with the heat belt at the end. Loved the herbs for a bath with my bubby once we were back home. All in all thought this was a great service and helped me feel prepared. Thank you!


“” Lisa, Nov 11

Worked well for early labour only :)


“” Hollie, Nov 11

Testimonial – sweet beats provided an excellent service. I would not have gotten through my labour without the Tens Machine. Thanks so much! I highly recommend sweet beats.


“” Felicity, Nov 11

Good – reasonable price, easy service, helped moderately. Would use again.


“” Alison, Oct 11

Thanks to the team at Sweet Beats for their prompt and efficient service – I ordered the machine online in the afternoon and it was delivered to the door by courier by 10am the next day; which actually turned out to be only 2 days from the date I gave birth! The reply paid pre-addressed envelope for returns was also great – I just got my hubby to pop it in the post box after the birth – it was all so easy. The TENS machine helped get me through a drug free labour (my first baby too)- something I didn’t expect to be able to do….I would highly recommend using one as an option to have with you in the labour suite if you are trying for a natural birth. Thanks Sweet Beats


“” Amy, Oct 11

I was induced but labour was never properly established so I didn’t get to use the TENS prior to birth. But I was SO glad to have it in my bag that first night after the caesarean. Once the spinal block wore off at midnight I was pretty uncomfortable and I asked the midwife to place the TENS electrodes for me. Using the TENS allowed me to use less morphine, and get back to sleep! I kept the electrodes on for the next 2 days and turned the machine on whenever I needed it. It’s a neat little unit that doesn’t get in the way, and it clips onto clothing (and the hospital bed-frame!). I will definitely be using a TENS for my next birth (hopefully before AND after labour!).


“” Bronwyn, Oct 11

Just wanted to pop a little note on here telling you how much I LOVED my TENS machine in labour! 2 weeks ago today, I gave birth to my beautiful 4th son, and for the first time, did it without any form of pain relief and no epidural! I couldn’t have done it without the TENS though – I had a very long latent phase of my labour (over 24 hours) and during that time the TENS was invaluable. I was a sceptic, but figured I’d give anything a go once, and was amazed at what a difference it made. Thank you for your fantastic service, and God bless TENS!


“” Nicole, Oct 11

… I had a 40+hr labour. Labored at home for 30+hrs. The tens helped soooo much! I put it on in the last 14hrs and left it on except for showers etc in that time. Pumped it up more and more as we progressed. It definately contributed to my pain relief (major back pain with posterior bub til the last hr) and it assisted me in avoidance of other pain relief.. laboured and delivered naturally! Yay!!


“” Sarah, Sept 11

Thank you for your great service. I received my TENS unit the day after I ordered it as I was already past 37 weeks, so really impressed with the efficiency of turnaround. I ended up being induced as my baby was overdue and was able to start using the TENS before the induction started (as recommended). The birth was just a few hours, and was fairly intense but I got through it with the TENS and gas at the end. Thank you again and I will recommend you to others.


“” Hyacinth, Aug 11

4 thoughts on “TENS Machine Hire Testimonials

  1. Melissa Bristow says:

    After a very long and traumatic birth with my first son I was ready to give the tens machine a go again. My waters broke on my birthday while a cirque de solie and I put the tens machine on when I got home. It allowed me to rest overnight between contractions instead of going to hospital. I was only in the birthing suite 1.5 hours before my second son was born. It was a great experience and so different to my first which I was very relieved about? Highly recommend trying the tens machine

  2. sheina says:

    Best experience ever ! Tens machine got me through a whole night of labor at home, arrived at hospital ready to push …. no one realized how far I was in labor as I stayed so calm during contractions. Highly recommend this to every woman … you really feel in control.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Andrea Mulhare says:

    Had an induction and didn’t get to use the sweet beats tens because the hospital had one. Generally can recommend a tens, it helped a lot. Sweet beats delivered on time and I could extend the hire free of charge due to still going in hospital. Thank you a Lot!

    • Sweet Beats says:

      That’s great the hospital had one – haven’t heard of that before, they are obviously forward thinking! Hope all went well? Thanks for writing in!

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