Sweet Beats is excited to announce the addition of the AEON 100C & 100D fetal dopplers to our fetal doppler range. Aeon-Med specialises in the design & manufacture of innovative, quality medical equipment. Aeon-Med have created a fetal doppler with features unlike any seen on other dopplers on the market, including:

  • full colour screen
  • rechargeable battery, enabling you to charge your doppler from mains
  • graphical display of the fetal heartrate, right on screen (100C only)
  • record & playbackb(100C only)

You can see here a pic of the great little colour OLED screen on the 100C:

A100C Fetal Doppler OLED screen
A100C OLED screen

Selecting the top left icon as shown will take you to the FHR curve option, where you can watch your baby’s heartbeat displayed graphically, as shown below. This is a feature that has proven hugely popular – the Aeon 100C fetal doppler is the first doppler to have this capability.

aeon fetal doppler
Watch fetal heartbeat


The AEON 100C doppler also has the capability to record the fetal heartrate and play it back. In situations in which obtaining the fetal heartrate is audible but the signal is too weak to allow the doppler’s software to calculate a FHR, the manual option will allow you to hear the heartrate and calculate it manually.

The AEON fetal dopplers are preset with an improper fetal heartrate alarm, alerting the user to a fetal heartrate outside of usual ranges. The settings are easily adjustable, so you can adjust to your desired range.

Setting the FHR range

This is a fetal doppler that really does offer features not found in any other doppler – the full colour screen & FHR curve are unique and so, to our knowledge, is the rechargeable battery & charger. The AEON dopplers do not, unfortunately, ship with ultrasound gel included – however Sweet Beats are including a free tube of ultrasound gel with every order.

Sweet Beats are now offering the AEON 100C for sale at just $299, or $50/month to hire with free delivery.

Technical specifications

  • Ultrasound frequency 2.0 MHz (please enquire if you wish alternative frequencies)
  • Intensity: 5mW/cm2 or less
  • FHR range 60-210 bpm
  • FHR range for manual count 30-250bpm
  • FRH accuracy +/1 1 bpm
  • 18mths warranty (6mths warranty on probe)

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