I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our first child, after experiencing two missed miscarriages last year. Those two consecutive losses have made me quite anxious about this pregnancy, so any form of reassurance I can get that things are moving in the right direction has really been a blessing and saved my sanity on a number of occasions so far.

I first hired my Sweet Beats doppler shortly after my 12 week scan, when I realised it was going to be another 7-8 weeks until my next scheduled scan and quite some time before I would start feeling any reassuring movements. I took the doppler with me to a midwife visit at 13 weeks to get some hints on how best to use it because I was worried if I couldn’t find a heart beat myself that it would cause more stress than relief. I am glad I did because the midwife only found the heart beat for a split second before bub moved around and couldn’t be found again.

I decided to wait another couple of weeks before trying myself, just to give myself a better chance. Since 15 weeks I have used the doppler twice a week to listen to the heartbeat and have found it fairly quickly each time. I start near my appendix scar and angle in and down and then move slowly across my belly. I practised myself before asking my husband to listen in – it was a great experience to listen to his heart, then mine, then find bub and compare. We both got a little teary. If I feel stressed or a bit down, listening to bub’s heart brings a smile to my face and helps me relax again. Thanks Sweet Beats!





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