My name is Dan and I am writing the story from the perspective of the husband or DAD 🙂

I am 31 years old and so very excited to be a first time Dad in September. How amazing is it to hear a little heart beat racing along at a millions miles an hour and to know that it is something you created – how special? Nothing else in the world can match that.

Of course you can hear it when you have your check ups, etc. but to be sitting at home, after dinner, get out the doppler machine and listen to that tiny heart beat is something beyond words. EVERY DAD should experience it.

It took us a little while to find it long enough to get a good reading as the little bugger kept moving around (he clearly didn’t want to us to listen) but we persisted and spent the next 45 mins listening on and off. It is now a weekly experience – it’s Mummy, Daddy, and soon-to-be Baby time, just to sit back and relax with the beautiful sound! Best part is I get to try and find the heart beat (which I must admit is great fun)! What an amazing product that gives so many opportunities!



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