One thing I learnt early on in pregnancy is that you can read way too much about risks and negative things that can happen in pregnancy! When I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant, I came across information on Dopplers. As I was feeling quite anxious about having a miscarriage or some other complication, I decided to hire a Doppler through Sweet Beats.

The Doppler arrived within a week and I was so keen to try and use it to find my baby’s heart beat.

In using the Doppler, it was a lot harder than I originally expected. I tried it once and gave up as couldn’t find a heartbeat. The next day I tried again and finally found a vague heartbeat – this was at 8 weeks. The tip I can give is early on the baby is very low, in the pelvic area. Do not move the Doppler all over the stomach but start midway between the pelvic bone and just press down slightly. You may hear your own heartbeat, or the placenta which is a sign you are near the right area. Youtube is great for seeing videos of how to find the heart beat too!

I have used my Doppler numerous times since and it is the most amazing experience. Hubby can also listen and it helps him feel more involved in the pregnancy. I will probably keep hiring the Doppler for a little longer as it is a good reassurance between monthly visits to the doctor. The heart beat is so much easier to find the further you are along too!

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