sweetbeats-imageWe’re about to embark on a revamp of our website / business – we’re going to focus on our core services of breast pump hire, doppler hire and labour tens hire. We will still be selling these products as well, but selling things is soo much easier than hiring them, so getting the hire part right takes a little more work!

So, here’s the rundown:

Labour TENS

We did have 3 packages – basic TENS hire, TENS + birth ball hire, and the premium hire with some extras like massage oil. We found that 95% of our orders were for the basic package. Also, we tended to lose money on the other packages due to the increased postage costs (which seem to go up all the time, thank you Australia Post).

So, we’ve decided to focus on just the basic TENS hire package, which after all does give you absolutely everything you need to use your TENS machine in birth at a great price.

We’ve also changed the system so that you choose when you’d like the TENS machine delivered, rather than entering your due date and having us send it when you’re 37 weeks. You pick when is best for you to receive the TENS machine.

What do you think?

Doppler hire

No change here! We’ve been tossing around only focusing on the Hi Bebe LCD Doppler hire for $40 a month, as this is the most popular hire. What do you think?

Breast Pump hire

This hasn’t happened yet, but we’re about to offer DOUBLE MILK COLLECTION KITS FREE OF CHARGE with all hires. Currently, you receive one free milk collection kit. But soon you will get 2. This is a seriously good deal. We’re doing it purely to make things more streamlined for our packing staff,  lol. Double pumping really is so much of a timesaver and more effective for supporting milk supply, so this way nobody will miss out on this benefit because the budget wouldn’t stretch to buying the extra kit.

New Customer Support Centre

We’ve now moved to a ‘ticket’ system – all your emails, facebook contact and phone calls create a ticket for us to resolve. This is making it so much easier to make sure we don’t lose track of any customer contact. Has anyone noticed? We also have a ‘knowledge base’ area coming soon…. with articles on product advice, tips, shipping, etc. Any requests?

Our image

Okay help us here please….. we want to have a more consistent look over our site, brochures, etc… should we go for the fun mum type images or the beautiful black & white type images? I am torn!

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