Are you currently hiring a doppler?

We would love to have lots more tips, stories and info from mums who are using one of our doppler hires. What made you hire a doppler, how far along you were when you found the heartbeat, have you found it helpful? Has your partner had a listen to your baby’s heartbeat? What about your other kids? Do you have any tips for finding the heartbeat?

Submit your story about your experiences using a fetal doppler and we will send you out a FREE TUBE OF ULTRASOUND GEL.

And… what’s more..

We have ONE S2 HOSPITAL GRADE BREAST PUMP to give away on July 30 to the very best story!

Guidelines – please make your story at least 300 words or 3 good paragraphs. We want to hear your story in your words – and don’t forget your best tips for finding the heartbeat! Good luck!



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