After two early miscarriages, the ability to hire a fetal dopplerĀ  from Sweetbeats is a great relief.

I received the Doppler when I was almost 10 weeks. My husband and I were so excited that we tried it straight away. It took about 15-20 minutes for us to find a really faint heart beat and it was the best feeling ever. Although it was faint we weren\’t worried. Just the fact that we heard a heart beat was enough for us. Over the next few weeks we limited using the Doppler to once a week and the heart beat got louder and easier to find. Now I know where my baby likes to hang out and I find it within minutes. We have recorded it a few times and have sent the recordings to our parents, as we live in different states.

Having the Doppler available for instant reassurance is a huge weight of my shoulders. I find the wait between doctors visits to long and knowing that I have to Doppler to use at anytime helps relieve any anxiety I have.

My advice to other mums is not to freak out if you cant find the heart beat straight away. Especially if you are early on. It does take time to know what you are listening for and I recommend reading the instructions that Sweetbeats provides.

Thank you Sweetbeats for this amazing service you are providing.

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