a soulful pregnancyDream of being a blissfully barefoot, tree hugging goddess but life gets in the way? How do you take the stress out of those precious nine months, get all calm and zen and truly experience a soulful and joyful pregnancy?

It all begins with a conscious effort to take time each day to bloom in the slow lane, nurture yourself and connect with your baby.

Take time out to be quiet with your thoughts. Focus on how you feel, concentrate on the baby growing inside you and practise inner body awareness through conscious breathing or yoga. Regular practise can help reduce stress and prepare you for a calm birth.

Talk gently, sing or send loving energy to your baby. Or sit outside and listen to the healing sounds of the birds or the crashing ocean waves.

If you are feeling down or depressed, the cure is not another pill or quick fix, but as my friend Shirley-Anne from Birthing A Conscious Child says, may be as simple as creating more JOY in your life. So with that in mind, when was the last time you danced, sang, played or laughed?

This, plus a good dose of sunshine and nutritious food and you will be feeling bright and shiny in no time!

Choose peace. Avoid extreme emotions that deplete energy and cause unnecessary suffering. Step into the role of a mother and protect your baby from negativity. Your baby’s wellbeing depends on it. We are never more aware of this than when we carry the responsibility for life so tangibly in our bellies.

Treat your time in bloom as a sensual experience- indulge in relaxing baths, massages (the perfect excuse to ask your partner for a foot rub!) and soothing music. Use your heightened senses to savour the beauty around you. Notice every tree, every flower and clichéd as it is, go and smell the fragrant roses that you pass on your walks.

Self care is not selfish, it is essential! Own that thought, make it your mantra. However you feel will affect your little one, so making efforts to feel good is up to you. It only lasts nine months, so make the most of it. It won’t be this quiet or leisurely for long!

Real spiritual love arises from the loving soulful part of us – our true and authentic self. Be the love you are and practise love in every situation.

So enjoy this blossoming love affair with your growing bundle and joyfully celebrate the gift of life. This time is deliciously yours.

natural empowering birthAbout the author

Profoundly impacted by her own personal journey into motherhood after overcoming her own extreme fears of childbirth, Katrina has become the passionate author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth and passionate advocate of natural and conscious parenting, committed to supporting women to give birth naturally and overcome their fears in a world that has become so medicalised and fearful of something so perfectly natural.

A former public health professional (in her “previous life” before children!) together with a lifelong passion for healthy living, over a decade in the natural health industry, a magazine columnist and most recently a committee member for Natural Parenting Melbourne, her calling is to awaken people to live a more conscious natural lifestyle and especially to empower women to discover their inner birth goddess!

Katrina Zaslavsky is the passionate author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth, an “enchanting” “must- read” for every woman in bloom!

Visit her at www.inspiringbirthstories.com.au or say hello on facebook.



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