At 41 weeks my doctor, husband and i decided we would start the induction process. On the Wednesday afternoon I went to hospital to start the induction process through use of gel. After some monitoring and no change my doctor sent me home for the evening in the hope that contractions would start. We were told to return to the hospital at 7am on Thursday morning. On the Thursday morning my doctor examined me and there had been some change but my doctor decided that more gel was required. Following that after some change my doctor broke my waters at 12.30pm on Thursday and my contractions started slowly. At about 4.30pm I started to notice some pains with my contractions so I put on my TENS machine at a low pulse, which eased the pains. From 4.30pm until midnight I used my TENS machine without any other pain relief, gradually increasing the intensity and using the boost function. At midnight I asked the midwife for some more pain relief and she suggested I take a shower for some water therapy. My husband took off my TENS machine and I had a shower but only lasted 1 minute until I needed the TENS machine back on. At 1am my contractions were stronger and longer so I had some morphine, still with my TENS machine on. At 4.30am on Friday morning I decided that I needed more pain relief so I got an Epidural. From getting the Epidural until around 10am I had a little rest, not feeling any contractions or pain at all. At 10am my doctor examined me again and decided that it was time to start pushing. Finally at 11.08am on Friday morning Charlotte was born with some assistance from the doctor and the use of forceps. She was beautiful and well worth all the effort!

sarahs baby charlotte

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