Hi, After 5 miscarriages in 2yrs, 2 of them at 12wks, We were overjoyed but cautious about reaching 12wks with no dramas.

While I was so happy I couldn’t truly enjoy this time wondering if the baby was still okay inside or whether I was in for another disappointment.

Sweet Beats to the rescue! I hired a doppler to rest my busy mind. The service and delivery were swift and painless and the unit itself very easy to use, any time I became nervous I could listen to the heartbeat of our little one. It was great to be able to share that with my Husband too, the guys can feel a bit left out at that time.

The ability to hear the heartbeat made this all the more real. We are happy to say that we have reached half way and all is well.

I would highly recommend Sweet Beats and their products to others 🙂

[ilink url=”https://sweetbeats.com.au/doppler-hire//”]Find out more about hiring a fetal doppler here[/ilink] [hr]

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