We know you’ve come here looking for a TENS machine to hire to use in your labour, so you can benefit from the great pain relief that an obstetric TENS machine can provide. We feel that we should remind you though, that there are plenty of other ways to benefit from your labour TENS machine!

Sometimes customers tell us that they were unable to use their TENS machine as they ended up with a c-section, or that they were induced and not allowed to use TENS. This is a huge shame!
Studies have shown that women using TENS for pain relief after having a c-section request significantly less pharmacological pain relief – which is a huge benefit as it will allow both you and your baby to remain more alert and less drowsy – important for bonding and establishing breastfeeding. And the same thing goes for episiotomies –  studies have shown that the TENS stimulation works effectively to minimise pain after episiotomy and reduce pharmacological pain relief requirements. If you do end up being induced, some care providers may not allow the TENS machine to be used in case the wires etc interfere with monitoring. If that’s the case, then at least put the TENS machine on for an hour prior to the induction starts, so you can get some endorphins on board and give your body some preparation for when the contractions start. If you are able to use the TENS machine – that’s great! Many of our customers tell us how beneficial they found using the TENS machine through their induced labour.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to start using your TENS machine! Becoming familiar with your TENS machine and the sensations it produces will be of great benefit to you when you go into labour. Try using your TENS machine with your fit ball or when practicing hypnobirthing techniques – familiarising yourself with combining these pain management techniques will help you to put them into action when you go into labour. Remember, labour is not the time to learn new skills!

Many of our customers have sung the praises of using TENS to relieve painful SPD, with one customer saying she was getting so much pain relief from the TENS that she didn’t realise it when she went into labour! The TENS machine can be used from 37 weeks pregnancy for sore joints and back pain, but please clear it with your care provider if using TENS for pain relief prior to that point.

Finally – afterpains! For women who have had more than one child, you may know what we’re talking about – the afterpains that come from your uterus contracting back to its smaller size after birth can be as painful as labour and tend to get worse with each pregnancy. The TENS machine will provide effective pain relief from afterpains, which are particularly likely to come on when breastfeeding when you probably want to avoid pharmacological pain relief. Turn on the TENS machine as you prepare to feed and benefit from the pain relief from afterpains and increased relaxation – great for breastfeeding.

So remember – you have your TENS machine hire for 5 weeks – get the most out of it! Not only pain relief during labour, but both before and after. Enjoy!

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