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Supporting you in your breastfeeding journey

By breastfeeding your baby, you know you are giving your baby the optimal start in life. We know you have been told of all the ways in which breastmilk supports and nourishes your baby’s development, both in the early days and later on. Though we all hope for a smooth ride on our breastfeeding journey, it’s common to hit a few hurdles along the way. Understanding and preparing for these challenges and having the right support is key to overcoming them. Sweet Beats aims to bring you well-tested and trialed products and services to really help you, if help is needed.

Spectra Breast Pumps

…Loved the Spectra! I gave it a try after having to return the medela Symphony provided by the hospital (I have premmie twins) and I was worried at first as was unfamiliar with the Spectra brand but was won over by the price. Absolutely loving it, I am successfully expressing enough for my twins to receive nothing but my milk and the double pump option has really cut expressing time. Pain free and quiet enough to pump in the bedroom while my partner sleeps. Recommended! Read more reviews here.

Sweet Beats proudly distributes the Spectra range of breast pumps. These are quality, affordable and innovative breast pumps and we are finding that Aussie mums loves them. Models currently released are the Spectra DEW 350 hospital grade pump, the Spectra 9 portable electric pump and the manual. We’re always willing to help you work out which pump is right for you – consider how often you wish to pump, how old your baby is and how you want a pump to fit into your lifestyle.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Hire

We offer a reliable, overnight breast pump hire service of our hospital grade Spectra DEW 350 for just $70/mth, so women can feel confident about getting an effective pump when they need it, without worrying about expensive hire fees. We will do whatever we can to help you – breastfeeding is important! If you have any questions at all, please submit below and we’ll get right back to you.


4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding

  1. Theresa says:

    My daughter in law is going to require to express her milk long term. Her baby was born at 29 weeks and is currently in a NICU.
    Can you explain to me the difference between the $50 mth one and the $70 one and also what else she will need and the costs involved.

    • Sweet Beats says:

      Hi Theresa – I’m so sorry for the delay replying, your comment got picked up by the spam filter! I can imagine your daughter is pretty stressed and definitely needs a great pump. There’s a blog post here which explains the difference between the Dew 350 and the S2 and I think either will work well for your daughter. The S2 has some extra features like a letdown (to speed the start of milk) and nightlight and timer, the Dew 350 is very quiet but has less ability to change the speed of the pump. Costs are the hire fee + $30 which is delivery to you + return postage back to us. Both pumps come with two milk collection kits included and no deposit. Let me know if you need more help and hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for your daughter and family.

  2. Kristy McCallum says:

    Hello, I was wanting to inquire about hiring/buying a breast pump. I have read many good reviews about your product and like the way the company replies to any bad ones, that makes me very confident. I live in Geelong Victoria. I was wanting to find out about prices and how it would take to arrive?
    Thank you Kristy McCallum

    • Sweet Beats says:

      I’m so sorry Kristy we missed this comment! It got stuck in the spam box. It costs from $50 a month to hire, and there’s a cost of $30 for shipping to you and delivery back to us. We deliver overnight, but delivery services only pick up and drop off on business days, so it’s overnight from Thursday to Friday for example but if you order on Friday you have to wait until MOnday to receive the pump. Please let me know if you have more questions and I’m so sorry for missing your question!

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