The Labour Tens was the first tool I used when I went into labour at home. I spent 5 hours overnight in bed and on a gym ball using the boost mode when contractions started, as well as deep breathing. Slowly, as the contractions built, I turned up the intensity of the machine.

The TENS allowed me to stay mobile, and was great in the car and getting into the hospital from the carpark! I was 4cm dilated when I arrived, and coping quite well. The labour progressed a cm an hour from there, and the TENS stayed on the whole time, except when I popped into the bath for a while. I had it turned up a lot towards the end, as I needed a strong sensation to compete with the pain. By then I didn’t feel the ‘background’ TENS in between contractions, but was still aware of the TENS when using the boost feature during contractions.

I didn’t have any back pain during my labour, but felt it was great to focus on as a focus/distraction from the pain I was having at the front. I would definitely plan to use a Labour TENS for future births.

Congratulations Ngaire!
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