Laine sent us her birth story, and told us how much hiring a Sweet Beats Labour Tens Machine helped her. In fact, she says she’s ready to have another baby, only 2 weeks later – all because the TENS made her labour so simple!

I used a TENS machine for my first birth, from about 3cms dilated with mild contractions. The machine took the edge off the contractions nicely and I was calm and had plenty of energy left for the pushing stage when it arrived 12 hours later.

My son was a gestational diabetes baby and I was strongly advised by my obstetrician to be induced at 38 weeks, but after doing plenty of research I didn’t see why I couldn’t hold out until he was ready to make his entrance by himself, as I’d managed my diabetes well from 9 weeks of pregnancy.

At 40 weeks I went into labour naturally after a stretch and sweep, and had a drug-free birth. I just used my TENS machine and some gas and air when things got serious, which I was happy about! My son was born with no ill effects from gestational diabetes – a healthy weight with good blood sugars. It was so good to finally meet him and hear him screaming his little lungs out!

The first stage of labour was so calm for me, even the midwives were amazed. I firmly believe this was because of the TENS machine. It gave me a sense of control over the contractions and took the edge of them so I wasn’t exhausted by the second stage of labour.

I will definitely be using a Sweet Beats TENS machine for my next birth (see, it was so good I’m considering a second time, only 2 weeks later!) An extra plus was the good length of time I was able to have the machine for and the ease of returning it – with a very new baby in the house posting parcels needs to be simple!

Thanks heaps Sweet Beats!

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