Hannah shared how hiring the Spectra S2 Breast Pump made recovering from her baby’s birth and the development and treatment of unexpected mastitis so much easier! Read her story, as shared with us:

“As with both of my children, both the pregnancy and birth were relatively “text book” without major medical issues, as such I was able to deliver both naturally without pain relief. Both of my little ones arrived fast with the second one even faster! It is true what they say about your body knowing what to do the second time around!

However, again with both pregnancies, I found breast feeding to be harder than the actual birth itself. I was “blessed” with abundant milk supply. I’m not complaining, however dealing with the engorgement and cracked nipples combined with the pain of recovering from birth was challenging to say the least. I did not have any experience with my first so was left to deal with the whole array of issues as they came up; cracked nipples followed by unbelievable engorgement which then led to mastitis. I spent hours and lots of money at a physio. They helped me relieve the blockages using an ultrasound machine until my supply settled and my little one could latch and feed properly.

bottle of breast milk in Spectra bottle
With that experience, I knew what to expect the second time around. The only thing I did differently this time was to hire a hospital grade breast pump (Spectra S2) immediately upon arriving home. My second little one could not latch properly due to the engorgement and I had to exclusively pump and feed for the first couple of weeks. This pump was amazing, I couldn’t believe how fast it could empty my breasts and the customisable speed / vacuum strength was the stand out feature for me.

Now 3 weeks after birth, my supply is finally starting to settle and I can start to directly feed and pump interchangeably. Thanks so much Sweet Beats – Happy Pumping!”

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