Thank you so much to everyone applied. We received so many great applications! We have closed our application form to more responses and look forward to finding and working with our new team member.

Hello! Sweet Beats is a small online biz hiring out dopplers, breast pumps + TENS machines for new mums and we’re looking for a new team member to do our order prep for us and handle customer service queries. You do need a dedicated space or room to put aside to do the order prep, as well as a phone / laptop so you can handle customer service queries (2-5 queries a day) and admin.

We’re looking for someone who can make a long-term commitment, happy to work regular hours, has a great knack for systems & routines and who understands how to speak to a new mum who might be stressed or sleep deprived.

About this position

This role is about 20 hours a week and is made up of prepping all our hire products to go back out to customers + handling customer queries (about 2-5 a day) and a little admin. The hours are flexible but we want regularity – ie you could do all the order prep on Fridays and the customer service in school hours. Mostly customers are just contacting us to ask about how to order but we need to be sensitive that lots of mums are stressed with trying to breastfeed or having a tough pregnancy so empathy is a must.

You will be working on your own from home with online support from the rest of the team who are both in Australia and overseas. Rate of pay is $30 / week, 20 hours a week, working on a contractor basis. You can set your routine and when you work, as long as you’re available to answer customer queries during the middle of the day. Here are the dot points:

  • You must have your own dedicated space.
  • Flexible hours, about 20 hours a week, $30 / hour (contractor basis).
  • Must be available for customer queries in middle of day.
  • Need to be fastidious and methodical for packing with an eye for presentation + detail.
  • Need to be able to use cloud-based systems (i.e. online software that you use online).
  • Need own laptop, car, phone + internet connection.
  • You will need to pick up parcels one day a week from Aus Post, so need a car + be able to carry a basket with parcels in it.

Note on kids – although this job is absolutely suitable for a mum looking for work in school hours, you can’t actually do it with kids present (trust me, we know!) as it requires many small parts and equipment etc to be laid out and organised.


Stock Rotation / Order Prep:

  • Collect parcels from Australia Post.
  • Process parcels by marking them off on our records (kept online).
  • Test and sanitise each product and restock consumables ready for next customer.
  • Conduct minor repairs as needed.
  • Organise courier pickup for stock to go back to the warehouse.
  • Add extra units to hire stock as needed.
  • Communicate with the team re ordering new supplies and so on.

Customer Service:

  • Respond to emails + take calls from customers.
  • Help customers place orders / organise returns as needed.


  • Follow up on overdue hire returns as needed.
  • Double check on records + inventory and make sure all is accurate.

About you

You are a person looking for some extra income. You are in a stable situation and mature enough to handle responsibility and organisation. You have excellent communication skills. You are able to work on your own and also willing to demonstrate engagement and loyalty to our team.

You are comfortable with technical equipment, troubleshooting, and making minor repairs. For example, opening up a breast pump and looking for a fault (don’t worry, it’s easy!).

If you are famliiar with equipment such as fetal dopplers, TENS machines and breast pumps, please tell us all about it in your application.

About us

Our business first started 3 years ago from home in Brisbane hiring out pregnancy equipment online. Since then we have expanded into other niches. Although you will be working on your own we will all be here to back you up, answer questions via Skype or in our team facebook group and generally make you feel part of the team.

How to apply:

Very simple! Just head to our application form and fill it in. The application form is really application + interview in, so be prepared to take a few minutes to get it done. Once we receive your application, we will reach out to make an appointment. Good luck and we look forward to meeting you!


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