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Do you have a great birth story, breastfeeding tip or product advice to share?

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Did you use TENS in labour? How long was your labour and how did you find it?

Was breastfeeding what you expected? Do you have a great tip on how to express breastmilk?

If you hired a doppler – when did you find your baby’s heartbeat? What did your family think?

We would love to hear YOUR stories – and we know readers would too. Go ahead and give it a whirl – submit your story below.

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2 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. Tanya says:

    First time mum here and what an amazing and crazy experience!!!
    Had my bloody show on the Saturday and mild contractions started on the Sunday in the morning. Monday, i felt contractions were getting stronger and were becoming regular, but I was still able to walk, talk and continue on with my day as normal.
    12:50am, i felt and heard a pop and then felt a warm gush of liquid flow into my maternity pad. Contractions became stronger and more painful and so we headed to the hospital at 2:20am for monitoring and to double check it was definitely my waters. This was confirmed, but we were sent home as the midwife thought i was not in established labour yet as my contractions weren’t lasting that long and she said I seemed to be coping too well. On the way home, contractions started to become more painful and were lasting longer. Got home at 4:30am, i jumped in the shower and as contractions came, I instantly felt the urge to push! I couldn’t stop myself from pushing, so just went with it. I then thought I might need to go to the toilet so i jumped out of the shower and onto the toilet in which more contractions hit hard and i began to push some more. I quickly called out to my partner, who had just fallin asleep and he came running when I told him i was pushing. He dressed me and got me into the car as fast as he could and we got to the hospital at about 5:45am. I was checked immediately and turns out i was already 10cm dilated!! The Obstetrician and midwife gave me the OK to push with contractions and out she popped at 6:08am. 15 minutes of pushing! No tearing, just a graze and no drugs whatsoever. There was no time for anything!!
    Could not be happier with how labour went, even though i was scared I was going to have her at home!! ?

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