Saiba shared her feelings and the experience of giving birth to her son with us and we were so touched to read her raw and honest feelings. Something we can all relate to!

“I was scared, nervous, and anxious when my time for labour was near. I had no idea what labour pain would feel like. I was pregnant for the first time. Whenever I was visiting the hospital for check-ups I would talk to the midwife and ask questions. I also talked to my doctor about labour pain and it seemed everyone I spoke to said the same thing – that it can come on at any time, and it’s different for everyone, so just be prepared.

obstar tens machine for labourOn the day my labour started, I was at home with my husband. I felt some strong contractions in my lower abdomen. I talked to my husband and he said “Let’s go to the hospital”. He was as anxious as I was! The Midwife we rang said “No, don’t come yet as your labour has only just started”. She said “Wait until you feel the pain is at its most extreme, and then come”. My pain was increasing, and the contractions were very strong. At this stage my husband helped me start using the TENS machine. I stayed at home a little longer, as after applying the TENS machine, it really helped me to tolerate the pain better.

Finally, my waters broke and we went to hospital. To be honest, the labour pain at this point was really horrible. The Midwife and my Gynaecologist asked me what would I like for pain and my husband and I decided to go for an epidural. After the epidural was in, I was more comfortable and was able to finally push my baby out.

We were so happy that at last this little bundle of joy had finally arrived in our life. He is our first child – a son. We are very thankful that all went well.”

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