Qing wrote saying “Your product helped me greatly during my labour and I would love to share my birth story with you” We loved her story and know you will too.

“Giving birth to my baby was the most painful experience I’ve had in my life, however he is worth every bit of it. Most of the time I just cannot take my eyes off him.

When I first learnt that I was pregnant, I was told that “no plan is the best plan”. My friends showered me with stories that they had spent lots of time preparing “birth plans” but then ended up with an emergency C-section and all their plans went out the window. So, I spent most of my pregnancy not worrying about a birth plan, and was relaxed and cheerful – until I took a prenatal class in the hospital!

Once again, I was astonished by how complex the birthing process could become and was panicked about what to do. There were so many options, and it was overwhelming. Among all the pain management methods introduced by the midwife, TENS seems to be the only one that I could familiarize myself with before the big day. The way it worked made sense to my husband and myself, both of a medical background. While I was still hesitating, my husband decided for me that we should hire one as it would provide me with more sense of control. And it did!

obstar tens machine for labourStarting from 37 weeks my back started to ache and I took out the TENS to try. That’s when I started to realize how amazing it is. It soothed the back pain and also comforted my nerves when approaching to the due day, as I knew I had something to help me.

One Saturday morning, I started to feel a mild tense feeling in the abdominal area, followed by a SHOW. I knew it was time. Later that day, the contractions become more intense and more regular. I wore the TENS from late afternoon, and combined with walking, bathing and other distraction methods, I barely felt anything until about 8pm that night.

We went to bed really early that Saturday and of course my husband slept really well while I didn’t. The TENS machine was the only thing I was holding onto to keep the pain at bay, and it seemed to be more reliable than hubby. It pulled me through till 2am, and then I decided it was time to wake up my husband. We arrived at the hospital close to 3am. Guess how dilated I was? 8cm!!

I had my lovely baby in my arms at 6:03am on that Sunday.

I know for sure that, without TENS, I would definitely not have been able to make it to 8cm dilated at home. Hiring it is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made during my pregnancy.”

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