Laura shared her birth story with us, and was really pleased at how well things went with the help of the Labour TENS Machine. Here is her story.

We had a wonderful birth experience for our first baby and thanks to our TENS machine were able to remain at home throughout 2 nights of mild pre-labour and most of a reasonably quick and painless labour. During the night before we had our daughter, I had the TENS on for mild cramping and ended up sleeping with the TENS machine on as it made such a difference.

I woke up in the morning, 3 days past our due date just feeling slight period like cramps and my husband and I decided we would take it easy and rest up watching movies on the couch for the day. The sensations became more regular and more intense around 3pm and I was initially using my heat pack and decided to put the TENS machine
on once again, which made the world of difference. By 5pm my labour appeared to be well established and the sensations were every 3-4 minutes and lasting a minute or two. I found the experience extremely manageable and my husband was a brilliant support, helping me to get the TENS positioned just right for me, and to use the Boost obstar tens machinefunction appropriately.

We only removed the TENS so that I could get into the shower and I would only leave the shower for assessment (by our midwife at home) if my husband had the TENS machine ready to go again! Our midwife assessed and I was 5cm dilated and baby’s head was low and ready. We decided to make our way into the hospital as I wanted to labour in the bath in the birth centre. I kept the TENS on throughout the drive in and right up until my midwife had the bath ready for me to get in. Once I was in the bath, I soon felt my body pushing my baby down the birth canal and before we knew in, our beautiful daughter, Amelia, was born in the bath.


We had the most wonderful birth experience and I have to credit it largely to the TENS machine which kept me comfortable at home for such a long time. Will definitely be using TENS again next time!”

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