Congratulations on ordering an OvaCue – the most accurate method for predicting – and confirming – ovulation at home, giving you 7 days advance notice of ovulation.  This is a great device for taking all the guesswork (and mess) out of ttc – you just need to take your readings regularly and let the OvaCue let you know the rest. We highly recommend using the free charting at – all you need to do is enter in your readings and the online software will chart for you. You can also add in all the other forms of tracking you might be doing, like temp, EWCM, and so on.

Please note – Sweet Beats no longer sells the OvaCue. Please reach out to OvaCue here to purchase.

So – to get started with the OvaCue. Let’s break it down into some FAQ:

What do I need to do first?

Ok – first thing to bear in mind is that you need to start using your oral sensor by CD2, and the vaginal sensor after your period finishes.

To turn on the OvaCue, just hold down the central button until the screen lights up. Go to settings, and enter in some basic info like your cycle length.

First thing in the morning, before you brush teeth or eat or drink, take your oral reading – press the ‘O’ button to get to the right screen. You’ll also need to take the vaginal reading at the same time each day (before bed, for example) in the same way – just press the ‘V’ button after you’ve plugged in the sensor.

Remember to wash each sensor with warm, mild soapy water after each use to ensure the accuracy of your future readings.

 When will the OvaCue calendar ‘colour-in’?

Once the OvaCue has enough readings to detect a trend – the start of the ‘cue peak’ or the hormonal changes that indicate ovulation, it will ‘colour-in’ your calendar so that you can understand what’s happening. If you have a longer cycle, this is going to take longer – just keep going.

I have really irregular cycles – so what cycle length should I enter in?

Just take an average of your past 3 cycles, and if they’re really irregular, an average of the last 6 months can’t hurt.

You’ll get the hang of using your OvaCue really quickly. Try to make taking your readings part of your daily routine so it’s easier to remember.

Let us know if you have any questions – and lots of baby dust to you!

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