Doppler worked perfectly! Loved being able to hear our little boys heart beat every couple of weeks and was really special being able to show family and friends. Thank you!

Doppler worked perfectly!

Thank you – I loved hearing baby’s heartbeat! Heard it at 10 weeks! Your service is amazing too, will definitely use again & recommend!

Heard it at 10 weeks!

Fantastic service,reliable equipment, that brings so much peace of mind! Thank you!

Fantastic Service

Awesome service guys – thank you. Doppler works so well – we really enjoyed having it for piece of mind.
– Kristin

Doppler works so well!

After a loss, I was anxious in my next pregnancy. From 8 weeks on I could check in every day and ease my worry. Thank you for the great service!

Ease my worry

Absolutely loved your service! Was so nice to hear my baby’s heart especially in first trimester.Thank you for your fantastic service.

Absolutely loved your service!

I am a first time Mum of a 7-week old baby boy. I just wanted to share with you my wonderful experience using one of your dopplers. I found out very early on that I was pregnant, only 6 weeks along and when I went for my doctors appointment they told me I would get to hear my baby’s heart at around 16 weeks, I was excited but very impatient. I made it a few more weeks before becoming really impatient and went online looking for dopplers to hire. After finding Sweet Beats and reading some of the blogs I decided to give it a go. I also read some negative comments on other sites about how you can’t really hear anything until much later on so I did not have high expectations however when I got my doppler in the mail I found the heartbeat almost instantly and I was 12 weeks. What an amazing sound to hear your baby for the first time, my husband was amazed and it really was a wonderful experience. I then checked on baby regularly throughout the rest of my pregnancy and found him easily every time. I was also able to share the experience with my Mum so she could hear her Grandson for the first time. Thanks for providing such a great service, it gives you peace of mind and is just a wonderful experience to share with your family. I will be using the service again if we have more children.

Heard baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks!

We loved the doppler! So easy to use and very reassuring to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Thank you.

Loved it!

Super fast service and having the doppler at home was fabulous for enjoying our baby and also relieving anxiety. baby’s heart


I had a late miscarriage (17 weeks) last year so the doppler gave me great peace of mind from 16-20 weeks this time around – thank you!

Great Peace of Mind

The doppler was great.Saved many unnecessary trips to the doctor.


It was the best, so amazing to hear our little peanut’s heartbeat at anytime. Peanut is due in under 12 weeks, so I can feel and know she is all good. Many Thanks, Peanuts Mum


Loved hearing bub’s heartbeat. Doppler worked perfectly, easy to use. Thank you.

Worked perfectly

This worked perfectly and kept me SANE throughout my pregnancy. I had a healthy boy. Cheers.

Worked perfectly

After experiencing a very high risk pregnancy for the first 20 weeks, we love having the doppler on hand for extra peace of mind. Thank you for a great service.

Peace of mind

Thank you for letting me enjoy my baby’s heartbeat for my first trimester. It was wonderful the service given when called for advice and delivery was prompt. Thank you.