I was warned that Breastfeeding was a challenge but it was even more difficult than I imagined.  After several days of struggling with correct latch a midwife gave me a nipple shield which made everything so much easier, and took the pressure off.  I saw a lactation consultant after I left the hospital, but it wasn’t until my son was 3 weeks old that he was feeding without the shield.   I didn’t feel confident feeding in public so we hired a pump which meant that if we went out I could give him a bottle and still know that he was having breast milk and not formula.  It also meant that my husband could do a midnight feed for me and I could get some much needed rest.

I read about nipple confusion but decided that I just needed to try and see what happened – we have been lucky and my son will switch between bottle and breast quite happily.  At 11 weeks, we still have some feeds that don’t go as smoothly as others, with him fussing and carrying on, but I am so happy that I persisted with Breastfeeding.

My best advice for new Mums?  Ask the same questions of every midwife/friend/mum as they will all have a slightly different approach, and eventually after a lot of trial and error you should come up with something that works for you and your baby.

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