1. Minimise any fear of childbirth

Understanding the natural process of labour and birth, can empower your body and mind to gently work in harmony. The key is to find natural pain relief options that help you to relax.

 2. Reduce intervention with spontaneous labour.

Decline interventions such as; continuous fetal monitoring, or having your waters artificially ruptured unless medically indicated. If you are a healthy term woman, remaining at home for longer in the early stages of labour can reduce the need for medications or intervention.

3. Keep active, change positions, listen to your body.

The human body can be our best vessel to tell us what we need. It’s the power of working with your body and not against it.

4. Water is your friend in labour.

It’s essential to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Showering in a standing or sitting position can be used all throughoutlabour, whereas water immersion (baths) are best used once you have fully established in labour (cervix  4-5 cm dilated and  contracting regularly).

5. Choose a positive and interactive support team.

Picking one or two people that will encourage, strengthen, calm, comfort and be involved in your care can positively change the environment.  Avoid inviting friends or family that give you stress or tension.

If unsure or concerned always seek medical advice.

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