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Was great to have the TENS. It was my only pain relief method through stage 1 labour. And great to have it early, as my little girl arrived 10 days early. Thank you.

– Jacqueline, April 12

An absolute life-saver (again!!) … would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

– Sophie, June 12

The TENS came in very handy for the contractions. I felt like I had a bit more control and confidence in an otherwise traumatic time. Thank you.

– *withheld* June 12

I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough. With an induced labour, I never would have made it drug free for as long as I did without it. Thank you so much.

– Rebecca, June 12

Loved it, worked really well and would absolutely use it again.

– Joanne, June 12

Thank you for letting me enjoy my baby’s heartbeat for my first trimester. It was wonderful the service given when called for advice and delivery was prompt. Thank you.

– Lisa, June 12

After experiencing a very high risk pregnancy for the first 20 weeks, we loveĀ having the doppler on hand for extra peace of mind. Thank you for a great service.

– Scott, June 12

This worked perfectly and kept me SANE throughout my pregnancy. I had a healthy boy. Cheers.

– Helen, June 12

Great machine, shame the hospital didn’t talk more about it as everyone would benefit from the use of it!

– Tara-Maree, June 12

Thank you. Prompt delivery, very easy to use and highly effective. This was all I needed for analgesia for the safe delivery of my 4-kg boy.

– Alanna, April '12

I started using it and wasn’t sure if I liked it, but kept using it and thought that it helped. Your TENS machine and my other pain management techniques helped me stay calm and in control, so much so that I got to second stage at home without realising I had transitioned. Our daughter was born on our bathroom floor, it was a great birth!

– Leanne, June '12

The TENs machine helped me enormously at the beginning of a very long 30 hours labour! I was grateful to be able to spend some time at home using the machine before heading to the hospital and I had it for as long as I could. Thank you!

– Kate, July '12

Thanks! Hiring the TENs machine helped me stay comfortable at home longer before needing to go to hospital to deliver our precious little miracle. Thanks heaps!

– Lisa, July '12

Great pump. I will recommend it to everyone!

– Bex, August '12

Fantastic service. Loved the TENS in labour. Went 30 hours with this and then the gas at the end!

– Alyssa, August 12

Used the labour TENS machine throughout my first labour without use of an epidural. Couldn’t have done it without it! Thank you so much!

– Belinda, Aug 12

Thank you – was very helpful in the first stage of labour.

– Coralie, Aug 12

Very happy. Kept my mind at ease.

– Rebecca, Aug 12

Loved hearing bub’s heartbeat. Doppler worked perfectly, easy to use. Thank you.

– Sarah, Aug 12

Second time using a TENS in labour. Excellent – it got me through drug free. Simple to use and also great for back pain in late pregnancy. Sweet Beats sent it out really quickly – very efficient service.

– Rebecca, Aug 12

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